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Mead FAQ

What is mead?

Mead is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey and water with yeast.

What does mead taste like?

Mead has a wide variety of flavours that can be present. Generally speaking, mead will have notes of the honey used to create it alongside any additional ingredients used. To discover what tasting notes to expect from our meads, head to the meads product page.

I want to make my own mead. Can you help?

Yes! I began my mead making journey as a humble homebrewer and found a lot of information online outdating and conflicting. That's why I started my homebrew company, YouToBrew.

On the YouToBrew website you'll find beginner guides, free recipes and even a mead batch builder. We also offer DIY mead ingredient kits and individual mead making ingredients.

Arcane Alchemist FAQ

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately due to shipping complications we are currently unable to ship our mead outside of the UK.