Our Quest – Arcane Alchemist

Our Quest

We Want To Change The World

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Okay... that may be a little dramatic, but we at least want to change your world. Arcane Alchemist was created to bring the highest quality meads to the people of the Great Britain (and eventually other places, but not yet).

Our Story

For many people the early 2020's was a wake up call to begin to pursue their dream, which was exactly the case for me. My name's Sam and I'm the founder of Arcane Alchemist. During the first COVID-19 lockdown of 2020, I began making mead as a hobby. I loved it. The feeling of taking simple ingredients and using biological processes to transform them into a delicious mead is a really exciting feeling.

I was working as a carer at the time and as you can imagine looking after people who missed their families that they couldn't see was stressful. Mead making was what I would look forward to when coming home. I continued my mead making for some time as a hobbyist. That was until I discovered an up and coming app called TikTok.

The Start of Sam Making Mead

 Screenshot of Sammakingmead TikTok channel. Channel stats: 1722 followers, 5495 likes.

I uploaded my first few videos to my TikTok channel (@sammakingmead) in October 2020. I woke up the next day to having gained 2,500 followers and lots of comments asking questions about the mead making process. There was really a buzz in the air for more content! 

The current logo of Sam Making Mead

Months past and my TikTok channel continued to grow, as did the question "when can I buy your mead?". It wasn't something I'd even considered until I was asked. After giving it some serious thought I set my heart on creating a meadery that would create the tastiest of meads.

A sequence of five images depicting various stages of the construction process to build the meadery.

17 months later the meadery was complete. With help from friends and family alike (special thanks to my Mum, Phil, Darren and Roy if you're reading this!) I excavated 5 tons of dirt for the base, filled it with concrete and rebar, constructed the meadery and installed utilities. We were finally ready to create mead. But for who?

Who is Our Mead For?

I'm a firm believer that everyone (of legal drinking age) should be able to acquire delicious meads regardless of income. Thats why we're committed to keeping our prices reasonable. We make small batches and use rare ingredients that often inflate prices so we will always make our best attempt to balance price and quality whilst not compromising on value for money.